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Babamın Ceketi

Ferhat and Aslıhan, who have been together for some time, want to crown their relationship with marriage. But Ferhat's being unemployed is a major obstacle to their marriage. In the meantime, Aslıhan father's suffers heart attack makes the situation more complicated. Aslıhan's father started to pressure his daughter to marry after the health problem. Her father wants to see her daughter get married. But for this, Ferhat must find money for work and wedding. One of the greatest supporters of Ferhat is his father Ibrahim. Ferhat, who started to look for a job with the help of his friend Penguen Ersin, finds himself in a variety of adventures.

Production Year / Genre2018 / Comedy
Production CompanyHANN
DirectorMüfit Can Saçıntı
ScriptMüfit Can Saçıntı
Cast Müfit Can Saçıntı, Mert Turak, Erkan Can, Ayşen Gruda, Elif Nur Kerkük